No Matter What

                I’m listening to Vasavi K’s webinar right now.  And she’s been talking about a lot of things.  The main message though I’m getting is feel the fear and do it anyway.  And do it no matter what.  What ever it is you are afraid to do, do … More No Matter What

I’m against….

    Wait a  second!  I am all about positive things, being positive and happy.  Empowering others to be happy.  How can I be against anything?  Well I am! It took me a bit to come up with what I’m against.  Yet here it is:  I’m against conformity and being a ‘sheep’.  Don’t be a … More I’m against….

Be Brave!

  The other night I was leading a group of women in a sacred movement mediation.  We also drew oracle cards.  The card that literally fell out of the deck and onto the floor was the God of Writing.  Thoth.  I laughed out loud, put my hands up to the heavens, and said out loud … More Be Brave!

Stepping up

So this morning, I have some time to write again.  What has to happen for each step to take place?  Today is the Calgary Stampede parade for 2013.  So many steps had to happen for this parade to be ready for this morning.  Because our great city was hit with the worst flood 3 weeks … More Stepping up

Why am I awake?

It’s just after 12:30am on July 5 and I’m still awake!  Why in heaven’s name am I?  Well, you see, when inspiration strikes it’s time to act.  So here I sit after creating this new blog page, I write my first entry to you. I’m not exactly sure where this blog will take me.  I … More Why am I awake?