Stepping up

How will YOU step up into your life?

So this morning, I have some time to write again.  What has to happen for each step to take place?  Today is the Calgary Stampede parade for 2013.  So many steps had to happen for this parade to be ready for this morning.  Because our great city was hit with the worst flood 3 weeks ago the entire down town was under water, and the Stampede grounds were completely submerged as well, the city wasn’t sure if Stampede would happen.  We banded together and have made it happen.

There are still many areas around our city that is cleaning, repairing, and restoring.  Step by step it will happen, and this city will be glowing once again.

This has me thinking of the journey that I’ve been taking.  Step by step I’ve chosen to continue even when others have said I can’t, or shouldn’t.  Being told I’ll never write well, or that I shouldn’t dance because I don’t look like a dancer.  And so many, I bet you can fill in your own sentence.

What to do about it though?  Something along the lines of  saying to the people “Thank you for your concern, I’m going to give it a go anyway.”  Now if you’re in a situation where you are not able to verbally respond, just do it anyway.  With the two above sentences that were said to me I didn’t respond with words, I took a long time to heal and have continued on anyway, step by step.

I know you can do it too!  Step by step you will get through!


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