Be Brave!

The Goddess Seshat, the Goddess of writing


The other night I was leading a group of women in a sacred movement mediation.  We also drew oracle cards.  The card that literally fell out of the deck and onto the floor was the God of Writing.  Thoth.  I laughed out loud, put my hands up to the heavens, and said out loud “Okay Goddess!  I get it!  I’ll write my solo book!”  I immediately came home and looked up the female counter part to Thoth, and I found her. She is Seshat, the Goddess of writing.   According to Wikipedia Seshat is the Goddess of writing, that she actually was the Goddess who invented writing.  She is seen in leopard print, and with a seven point star above her head and a writing utensil in her hand standing at a parchment.

What some may not know about me is that growing up I was told by teachers all the way through school that I’ll never write well, that I”ll always be the “C” student, never the “A” student.  With my border line learning disabilities, and deemed a ‘slow learner’ by the psychologists this tape played for ever in my brain.

It wasn’t until 2010 when a very dear friend of mine Farhana said to me that I was born to write, that I have a story inside me, that needs to come out.  I brushed her off at the beginning of our conversation.  She ‘shushed’ me and said no, this is coming from spirit, that I have to write.  That what I have to share with others will help them.  I was gobsmacked.  Farhana herself is a best selling author and divorce coach.  Her book “Thank YOU For Leaving Me” is about her journey through divorce.

Support and encouragement came also from others who are femtors of mine, it takes team work to make the dream work, and these 6 other angels of mine, have been so supportive in my journey of writing, and business.  Kathleen Mailer from her business of teaching others that a book is never just a book.  Jo-Ann Vacing who was instrumental at helping me when I first started my own business, she believed in me before I could believe in myself.   Karen Luniw from Attract More Now who has dared me to step outside of my own box to question and ask bigger dreams.  Laura Crowe from Imagine It In Writing, was the first one to say to me that I had to be in her book.  July 2012 I appeared in my first collaborated book.  It is called “Dreams Take Flight” all about over coming true life challenges.  Many of us were also first time authors.  Charmaine Hammond is a best selling author of a couple of books, and helps me stretch outside my box as well, for example practicing the art of the ask to get sponsors for projects.  And finally, yet certainly not the least is Debra Kasowski, she as well has been helping in many aspects of my business, and writing adventures.  She is co-author with Charmaine as well on a book called GPS Your Best Life.

So how will you be brave?  This is me being brave starting this journey of creating my first solo book.  A facebook fan page has been created where I invite you to follow and celebrate your own phoenix within!


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