I’m against….


I’m against


Wait a  second!  I am all about positive things, being positive and happy.  Empowering others to be happy.  How can I be against anything?  Well I am!

It took me a bit to come up with what I’m against.  Yet here it is:  I’m against conformity and being a ‘sheep’.  Don’t be a follower!  Be YOU!  YOU are unique!

So write a list of what you are for, what you want to celebrate, then just flip it.

Yes friends have said that they are not about being negative, and that focusing on the negative only brings more negative.  However, for every positive there is a negative.  It’s physics.  In life there is death, and in death there is birth.

Think about it for a moment, and I would love to hear your thoughts below in the comments.

It’s simple really! Be YOU!



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