No Matter What

Feel the fear, and do it anyway!









I’m listening to Vasavi K’s webinar right now.  And she’s been talking about a lot of things.  The main message though I’m getting is feel the fear and do it anyway.  And do it no matter what.  What ever it is you are afraid to do, do it anyway!

That’s me doing my solo book.  Writing my story, and sharing wisdom on how YOU can be the phoenix in your own life.  There’s been many other experiences in my life on this planet that I’ve been so scared, not knowing how, or what to do, yet knowing it is something that is needed to be done.

As I wrote in my best selling co-authored book Success in (High) Heels do I dare more?  Do I dare to be seen?  Stepping out of my box, daring to try new things, like starting my business, writing a press release, being a Canadian Ambassador for a global campaign about domestic abuse and dating violence?  Yes I have, and I am doing it no matter what!

What do you need to do in your life, yet you are scared of doing?  Are you willing to step outside your box and do what it takes no matter what?

It reminds me of the Paul Brandt song “Risk”.  Are you ready and willing to risk?  Are you ready to find your wings on the way down?  As the song says?  Even if it isn’t perfect, just risk, put yourself out there.  You are born to be seen, not hide behind your mask.  Some of us have many masks or old coats that we wear.  I’ve been shrugging off the old coats for a few years now.  And I feel so much lighter.  I want that for you too!



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