Another Knock, Will You Open the Door?

How often do you knock?

How often do you knock on the doors of opportunity, doors of imagination, doors of creativity?  I’m remembered of a time not to long ago when I thought I was not creative.  Seriously!  Yes I danced and that was about it.  I didn’t do ‘arts and crafts’,  I didn’t see myself as a writer.  All I did was dance.  And blog from time to time.  I had just started my entrepreneur journey in 2011, and had no idea of the journey I would be embarking on.

For years, since university actually so 1998 (ish) I was following this whimsical woman on the internet (this is before FaceBook, or YouTube) named Angi Sullins  with her studio called Duirwaigh Studios.  She was really my first ‘spiritual’ teacher in a way.  She was all about creativity and not giving up.  She had a flair for being unique, herself, and not giving a care on who had thoughts about her.  She stood proud in her whimiscalness.  And that was something that intrigued me.

The video that was on her website had me in tears the first time watching it.  It is the video called “A Knock at the Duir”.  All about creativity, imagination, and not giving up.  The corner stone of the message of this book Phoenix Rising ~ How I Found Me.  What also got my attention was this word phoenix, the images around the video and that word touched me.  Yet I didn’t explore it, or think much of it.  Then I had a friend from my university days call me a phoenix.   The word kept popping up everywhere, the movie Harry Potter, the city in Arizona, and other places.

So I am finally knocking and opening this door of opportunity and creativity letting my memoir flow onto the page.

Thinking of my friend Debbie Whitlock who right now I am a part of her 44 Goal Achievement Challenge she was talking today about how she thought at one point that she wasn’t creative.  She’s in the process of writing her book as well.  All about money, and how women can make their own cash register ring in their business.  It was also an interesting observation for me too when Debbie got talking about who she is writing her book for.  She thought she was writing the book for one woman.  Picturing her as she wrote.  I can relate.  I think of who I am writing this book for.  However at times as I have started this writing journey for the book at times it feels like I am writing to me, and for me.  Sometimes it feels more like a journal entry of memories.  And guess who also said that about her own book writing?  Yup!  Debbie!  I know that writing is healing, and therapeutic at times even.

When will you knock at the door of creativity?

Find below the video I talked about earlier in this post.


2 thoughts on “Another Knock, Will You Open the Door?

  1. WOW! So powerful. Congrats on your inspiring journey. I think we all at times stop knocking on the door as we try to find our way again. But we should never stop knowing on that door, no matter what.

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