Getting Back To It


So I’ve been sort of stalling with this blog, concentrating on my other business all on empowering girls.  Which I agree is very important and needed.  It is my passion.  Writing this solo book is a labour of love, and she’s being gentle with me so far.  Yet I’ve been getting the ‘tiny pebbles’ on my heart to pick her back up.  So this is what I am doing.

This blog site will be where I will express what is going on, and how I’m remembering to find my own phoenix within.  These blog posts will be more of a reflection on what is happening in my world.  Which is different from the other blog on my website  I found my 2 old blogs and actually liked what I was reading, so  I am choosing to do more of that again.

With this book project “Phoenix Rising ~ How I Found Me” I actually do have a full outline, chapter titles, most of the intro written, as well as starts on a couple of chapters.  I do most of my writing out by hand, and then transfer it over into the computer to keep.  One of my writing queens Laura Crowe said to me one day that there is a direct connection to writing out something by hand and my heart.  That the feelings and memories from my heart even from long ago flow out of my heart, and down my arm out of the pen.

What pebbles on your heart are you listening too?  Or not listening too?


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