Commitments for 2016


Who makes new years resolutions?  Or have words of the year that represent what you want to achieve, do, have etc??

I don’t always do a word for the year.  Or resolutions.  Most often I will create a mind map and list 5 things that I see myself completing in this new year.  For example the 5 things this year on my list are:

Have #1 international best selling anthology

Raise $4000 for the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario, in Ottawa Canada.

Be able to transition to doing 3/4 time work at my day job, to working at least 1 day a week on biz work.  Which is my passion, and what keeps me getting out of bed in the morning.

Travel, spreading the messages of Inch by Inch Empowerment, facilitating trainings/workshops globally, being paid to do what I love.

And finally the 5th one, I’m going to actually share it with you.  Yet it is along the theme of business and awards.

This year as well I chose a word, or it came to me actually.  That word is Prosperous.  Being prosperous this year in all areas of my life.  I’ve not had a word like that before.  I normally go for words like courage, receive, love etc.

I haven’t made resolutions in years.  What I have chosen this year to do is make a commitment to myself.  I made a commitment to myself for the year is self care.  Taking more time for me.  Giving myself permission to be gentle when I need to, to slow down and rest or relax.  Years ago I would have a bubble bath on Sundays.  Put on some soft music, light candles, and soak away in the bubble bath.  I am not sure what stopped it.  Maybe because I was living with roommates, or was always rushing and not slowing down.  Or maybe a mix of both……

So now this weekend, tomorrow I commit to having a bubble bath.  I feel silly, like a school girl with excitement of giving myself permission to have a bubble bath.  I went to Bath and Body Works and picked up some yummy candles of lavender vanilla, and 2 kinds of bubble baths/foam baths (one that smells like strawberries, and one that is lavender vanilla).

The other thing I picked up was a colouring book, and new pencil crayons.  Now I’ve been colouring for years before it became a ‘thing’ for adults to do.  With working with kids in schools, or other programs, like my business of Inch by Inch Empowerment drawing and colouring is something I enjoy doing.

The one I got this time has 52 different pages with quotes and illustrations.  Each one unique and different.


So what are you committing to this year?  What is a small change you are making?


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