I Embrace

Embracing what?

The word embrace is a different sort of word in my world.  When I first heard this word I was in a personal development course years ago now, and I was encouraged to embrace the world.  What?  Embrace what?!?!  How do I embrace something I can not touch.  Yes I can touch the world at my feet.  I can embrace the ground I found myself standing on…..

Yet the word embrace also means to move into a hug with another.  Embrace each other in a hug he facilitator then said.  Oh, that I can do.  Yet wait a second, I do not know this woman standing in front of me.  Yes we both shared a powerful experience.  Yet when I go home I won’t be calling her up or anything.  And this is before FaceBook, so I could not find her and send her a friend request on FaceBook.

Years past and now today I can embrace women at networking groups and events that I maybe have only met via Facebook, and finally get to meet in person.  I give hugs, and embrace others in friendship.

Then turning inward, embracing myself.  I know I am unique, I know I am different.  I like to stand out in a crowd.  This however has sometimes backfired.  I will be at a big networking event with close to 1000 women and men.  I see people smile at them, I get a little smile back and they hurry away.  Then I will have women come up to be shyly and say that they saw me the year previous and said that they were scared of me, that they did not want to approach me because I was being bold, and different.

I embrace the process of writing. I embrace the magic that is in me.  I embrace others around me.

What do you embrace?


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