Have You Ever?

talk bubble have you ever

Siting here today listening to one of my awesome play lists on you-tube.  One of the first songs that came on is from the singing sensation P!NK.  With her song Glitter.  There is a line in the song that got my attention today.  “Have you ever?”  Those 3 simple words when put together create an awesome question.

I got thinking…have I jumped and dared to be different to try new things?  Absolutely.    Thinking back it is 5 years ago this month that I chose to join eWomenNetwork.

It was a big decision for me, to choose to go forward with being in business.  Yes I do it part time, and work my day job full time.  It is a commitment and I make to myself.  What is one small thing  that you can commit too?  To dare to do even if it scares you?  Take it inch by inch, and watch the change!

This thought also reminds me of my friend Ariana Brackenbury .  She has a brilliant way of helping her clients take that jump!  Into life, into power, into what ever her clients want to do/have/be!  And the way she does this is quite remarkable, it involves taking her clients on a journey within, by walking the Camino in Spain.

By working with the next generation of girls through experiential programs at Inch by Inch Empowerment is how I do the same thing.  Yet with tween/teen girls we can not go on the Camino.  So what we do instead are activities that get girls to dream big, to be okay with being themselves, to learn communication skills, and so much more.

Take a moment and listen to the song by P!NK.  Have you ever?  And if not, how are you going to change that?  What are you going to do?  If you want help with that for you, reach out to my friend Ariana, or if you want help for your daughter to step into her full power then contact me!



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