My How Time Flies When You’re Stuck in the Hospital

The second day in the hospital.  I was woken up by the same over happy nurse as she came into the room.  “Good morning Aime!  How was your sleep?”  Coming over to my bedside she checked the pump for morphine and also my vitals.  “Soon breakfast will be here, and someone from your surgeon’s team to check on you will also be by.”

Breakfast?  Actual food?  I’ve not had food now for almost 3 days!  Wonder what I’ll get?!?  And I is hospital food so who knows what I’ll be getting.  I didn’t have to wait too long.  Approx. 30min later the kitchen worker came in with a tray.  Beef soup broth, jello, apple juice, black coffee, is what I was given.  “Good morning, got some breakfast here for you.  And here is a list you can choose for lunch.  Fill it out and put it with the tray and I’ll know what you want for lunch.”

“Thank you very much.”

Looks like a liquid diet today.  I thought.  It was nice to have something in my system though.  I ate a little bit of everything.  I closed my eyes again.  I wasn’t sure what time it was, when I opened my eyes again.  Luckily I had filled out my request form, for lunch as the tray wa now gone from the bedside.  A young woman with a lab coat came in the room.  She was in scrubs like the doctor’s wear.

“Hi Aime, I’m one of Dr. Steed’s interns.  How are you feeling this morning?”

“Sore and tired.”

“Okay Aime, remember, you’ve just had major surgery so your body will be tired and sore.  I’m here to take a look at your incision site.”  The intern slowly and carefully lifted my gown up and the funny hospital underwear down some.  The hospital underwear was white, gauzy and had a tiny bit of elastic to hold the underwear up.  Next the intern peeled away the gauze and tape that was covering something that reminded me of Frankenstein.  Huge big staples in a row going down my lower stomach.  With a gloved hand she lightly put her fingers on my stomach.  “Nope, not hot, no redness or discharge.  Looks good!”

“It still hurts!”  Panting and wincing as the intern was checking out the staples.  After the intern left the happy nurse came back in.  “Checking vitals time!  Pulse, resp’s, temp.”  Happy nurse went about her duties.  I closed my eyes again and slept.  Morphine and gravol on board does that to me.

After what seemed like hours I woke up again in pain.  I hit the morphine pump button and a nurse came in again!  How often does she need to check on me?  “How about you go for a little walk?  Remember walking is good and needed to help you gain your strength back.”

“Maybe, I did promise my friend I would walk down to the phone at the end of the hall and call my Mum.”

“Let’s get you up then!”  The happy nurse moved around the bed.  “Sit up more and move your legs to the side of the bed.  Now push yourself up and bring your legs over the edge and let them hang.”  Every movement was a struggle, and took so much effort.    And it hurt everywhere to move.

“Breathe Aime!  You need to take a breath!  Every movement to get standing needs you to breathe!”

More panting, cringing, and wincing and a few swear words later I was standing.  “Now look up and forward look at the door.”

Every step felt like I was climbing a mountain.  Swinging along beside me was my new friend.  An IV pole hat had the morphine and also a bag with something yellow.  I had a catheter in?!?!  That’s why I’ve not gone pee yet!  My body is being taken care of so  I can heal.  Weird, but cool at the same time.

Finally making it to the doorway I stopped and held onto the door frame.  The hallway was a cream colour as well.  With rails to hold onto thank God!  Ever so slowly I inched along.  The phone and chair were getting closer!  At the end of the hall was a chair with more tan and brown colours.  The wall was a burnt red/brown.  Must have been like an accent wall.  Breathing out air as I sat down into the chair I took some breathes.  That little walk that was maybe 15m total, took so much effort.  And I was tired again.

Picking up the phone and getting an outside line I called my Mum at work.


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