Rose Coloured Glasses


A couple weeks passed my birthday and mid-terms had finished.  Derek and I were spending more time together.  I liked his dusty blonde hair, and sky blue eyes.  He had a funny giggle and dimples when he smiled.  he also was from a town near Ottawa and I thought that was neat.  He played hockey and worked at referring at hockey games both on campus and off, while attending school.

“What do you want to do for Halloween weekend?”  Derek kissed me and smiled.  “I don’t know, I was thinking about helping the House decorate for the Haunted House competition was my plan.”

“What about officially dating?”  Derek took me in his arms and kissed me again, hard.  Staring back at Derek in shock I gave a small shy smile back at him.  “Really?  Okay.”  Thinking to myself this is what is supposed to happen.  Meet a boy in University date him, finish Uni, get married to him and start a family.  Still to this day I do not know where I got that thought.  I’m guessing from the TV shows I watched?  Or, things I read? 

“Aime, and Derek come, we’re watching Top Gun with others in the lounge.”  Sam and Charlie were in the doorway in Derek’s room where I was.  “Dee, and Bill are joining us.”  I loved that movie loved Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer and the other actors.

We had fun watching the movie as a group.  Until the beach volley ball scene came on the screen.  Us girls were going gaga over the actors with no shirts on, ripped stomachs, chiseled biceps/arms, sun kissed skin, and gleaming white teethy smiles.  “Look at him, his abs are rock solid.”  Dee cooed.

“To be hugged by those arms.”  Sam was smiling huge.

“His strength and arms are amazing.”  I was grinning.

“Hey, wait a second, what about us?”  Derek was not taking this too well.  He looked a little upset.  Charlie, and Bill looked at Derek.  “Ya, what are we?  Chopped liver?”  Bill piped up.

“Oh, Bill, you are all awesome, and amazing, it’s just Tom Cruise, an Val Kilmer are hot in this film.”  Dee reassured the boys.

We finished watching the movie and said our good nights to everyone.

Derek pulled me into his room, and with sad eyes said “You don’t act the way you did when you saw the actors like you do with me.  Why?  I don’t like you watching those kinds of movies.”

With a gasp and big sigh “Well, they are actors, and most likely had to work out to get in shape for the movie to play those characters.  You wouldn’t want to see an over weight fighter pilot, would you?  And I’m sorry.  I like Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer.”

“But I’m your boyfriend, you should act the same way when you see me, and you don’t.”

“I do love you, and looks are part of the reasons why I am attracted to you.  Your laugh, smile, and passion, and who you are.  I’m sorry.”

Derek grabbed me and kissed me.

“Good night.”  I left his room feeling a little shaky, why was he asking such questions.

A day or two later I was in class, and having a chat with a friend about Derek.  “Aime, you’re seeing him through rose coloured glasses.  I think there is something going on, you should come and spend the night at my place off campus to get away from him.”  I was worried about going to her house.  I ended up not going.  Because I didn’t want to upset Derek, and have to answer his questions again.

Derek was starting to ask where I was going, or who I was with.  Even with having a ‘Where am I’ list on my door, if people had to find me. 

Little did I know how much worse this was going to get.



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