I Thought You Were Dead in a Ditch!”

It was a bright and sunny early Saturday morning.  The sun was doing it’s best to shine through the curtains of my dorm room when the phone rang and jolted both myself and my roommate awake.  Since the phone was on my side of the room I got out of bed and answered the phone.

“Hello?”  groggily my voice crackled answering the phone.  It was early on the Saturday, and I had not gotten to bed till 1m on Friday the night before.  I was up talking with friends in a different part of the building.  It was a happy cheery voice on the other end.  “May I speak with Aime Hutton?”

I think I recognized the voice.  “Speaking.”

“Hi Aime, this is Lisa from the Emergency First Response Team.  Jane is on her way to your dorm to pick you up.  We need some help for St. John Ambulance.  You are going to be one of our practice patients for our testing scenario’s today.”

“Okay, I’m not dressed yet.  When will she be here?”

“In about 10 min.  Put clothes on that you can get dirty and go wait outside in the parking lot circle at your residence.”

“Okay I will.”

“Have you eaten yet?  No wait, you’ve just been woken up.  Of course, you’ve not.  We’ll get you breakfast too.”
“Thank you, that would be great.”  I hung up the phone, and made my bed.  Luckily, I had just a duvet so it was easy to throw it back on the bed proper.  It was pink and soft.  I threw on some jeans and a t-shirt.  Went to wash my face, come back to my room.  I looked out my window with a direct line to the parking circle and Jaw Jane in her big blue station wagon.  I rushed out the door with my coat, keys, an wallet.  I changed my door sign to being off campus and locked my door and left.

“Good morning Aime, thanks for coming to help us out with our scenario’s.  We really appreciate your help.”

The day was spent with friends and new friends helping with St. John Ambulance members who were testing for their exams.

“Thank you so much for asking me to help you guys out!  That was so much fun!  Let me know when you need help again.  I would love to help you again!”  Smiling at Jane as I hopped out of her blue station wagon.

Skipping and excited I went into the dorm.  Still excited and energized from volunteering I bounced down the hall towards my room.  Toby saw me and yelled out “Yeah!  Aime’s home!  Derek, you can stop worrying!  Aime’s home!”

Derek came shooting out of his room, glaring at me.  His eyes piercing blue, his hands on his hips.

I stopped dead in my tracks.  All the happy and excitement in me drained out my toes in milliseconds.  “Uh-Oh.  I’ve made him mad.”  I thought “I don’t like making Derek mad.”

I stammered out a “Hi.”

“Come here.” Derek demanded.

Like a puppy who ha the guilting look on her face when she’s done something wrong I walked slowly down to Derek’s room.  Derek was pointing with his stubby arm and his finger out into his room.

Once in his room Derek shut the door.  I sat nervously on his bed.  Derek paced back an forth.  Hen with a worry and anger in his voice said “Where were you?”

Voice shaking, I responded “Off campus.”

With even more anger in his face Derek snapped back “I was worried sick, I thought you were dead in a ditch!  I called the hospitals looking for you!”

“I went out early this morning off campus.  I did put my message sign to off campus at least.”  I was starting to get teary eyed.

“That’s not good enough.  I love you and I care about you.  I didn’t see you go to bed the night before, or leave this morning.  I was thinking and fearing the worst.”

“I’m sorry!!  I’m sorry I didn’t tell you.  But I didn’t want to wake you.”  Tears were welling up fast now.

“You should have.”  Derek was still standing pacing in his room.

“You’re not my Mum, I don’t need to report to you.”  I was becoming frustrated and scared at the same time.  Doing my best to explain this to Derek.

“Boyfriends and girlfriends need to communicate to each other.  I love you.”  He came over and kissed me.

“I love you too, and I did communicate with you, and everyone I put my message board to being off campus.  I’m sorry.”

Derek kissed me again.  “I care about you.  I was so scared that you weren’t here.  I thought you wandered off campus and got hurt.  That’s why I called the hospitals.  To see if you were there.  We have to communicate.”

I gave in, “Okay, I’m sorry.  I’ll try and do better.”


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