Easter Weekend from Hell ~ Part 2


The sun shone bright into Janay’s room stretching and squinting I sat up.  It was roughly 9am.  Rolling up the sleeping bag and blankets I thanked Janay for letting me sleep on her floor.

I quietly opened the door to my room and Carry was awake reading.  She smiled when she saw me.  “Aime, are you okay?”  Carry who had long brownish hair and was taller than me, came over and hugged me, which was strange as she wasn’t that much of a hugger.

“I slept over at Janay’s room last night.  Derek really freaked me out last night and scared me.”  Biting my lip, I glanced up at Carry.

Shocked Carry exclaimed “Oh Aime! Last night when I went to bed I left the door unlocked I was wondering if you had your keys.  At some point, late into the night the door opened and someone stuck their head in our room!  Are you sure you are okay?”

“Oh wow!  I’m sorry Carry!  I’ll ask Derek about it.  Maybe he did.  And yes, I think so.”

“Good morning Derek, Happy Easter.”  Weakly smiling I handed Derek and Easter card.

“Hi, I don’t know if I should be happy to see you, or angry to see you.”  Derek glared at me.  “We need to communicate, I need to know where you are, who you are with, and what you’re doing.  I love you.  I don’t want anything to happen to you.”

I could feel my cheeks going red.  “Derek, sweetie, you’re not my Mum, you don’t have to know.  I’m an adult.”

“Did Janay tell you to say that?”   Derek was getting mad.  “Yes, and you’re my girl friend.”

I could tell we were staring another circle of going no where fast, so I changed the subject.  “Let’s go get food.  Have you eaten yet?”

Later in the afternoon both Paula and Shelley came by my room.  “Hey, how are you doing today?”  Paula was at my door.

“Hi Paula, not sure.  Still a little scared/worried.  But feeling better than last night.”  I shyly smiled at her.

“Good!  You shouldn’t be worried or scared to live here.”  She hugged me and left.

Taking some deep breathes I felt a tear run down my face.  “Aime, I hope that’s a happy tear.”

Shelley was now at my door now.  “Hi Shelley, not totally.”

“Take a breath, you’re okay.  Don’t be upset.  What do you have going on today” Shelley did her best to change my mood.

“I’m being picked up by a friend from class in a while.  I’m sleeping over at her house.  Then tomorrow we’re going to volunteer at a homeless shelter for extra credit.”  Smiling at Shelley.

“Good!  Take your mind off this.”  She smiled back at me.

As I was packing my backpack for the over night Derek came into my room.  What are you doing?  Where are, you going?”

Stammering out my words weakly “Over to Mary’s house, we’re going to be volunteering tomorrow at a homeless shelter for extra credit.”

“I don’t want you to go.  But it’s for extra credit for school, so I guess it’s okay.  When will you be home?”  Frowning Derek glare at me.

“Not sure when I’ll be home.  We’re volunteering till about 2pm, so after that?”

Derek kissed me.  “I love you and I worry about you.”

Mary arrived a little while after dinner and we went to her house.  I was happy to spend the night at her place, and the volunteering the next day was fun.  It was neat talking to the folks at the shelter, and helping where needed.

When I returned home the next afternoon Derek rushed out of his room when I came back.  “You’re home!  You didn’t tell me when you’d be back with a set time.” 

All my happy energy left my body.  Shyly smiling back at Derek “Hello yes I am.  I guessed after 2pm yesterday, and I know it’s after 2pm for sure.” 

I turned back to my bed to unload my backpack.  Derek turned me around and kissed me.  “You need to tell me when you’re coming and going.  I must know what you’re doing.”  Derek started pacing again.  “You’re my girlfriend and it’s my responsibility to take care of you.”  He kissed me again and left the room.


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