Stubby Arm and Pointy Finger


Things were starting to wind down for my first year at university.  We were heading into the semi-formal dance weekend.  Myself and a few girls went shopping.  I found a purple dress.  Purple is my favourite colour, I felt pretty in the dress.  Before the dinner there was a ceremony of awards.  Shelley was given an award for being the Residence Programmer, and all the House Presidents out going, made a skit of their year.  The entire student body of residence was there.  It was fun seeing everyone.  We all had some good laughs too.  It was good to laugh.

“Ready for dinner?”  Dee was in the door way.

“Yup, I wonder what we’ll get tonight?  Roast beef is my guess.”  I said smiling to Dee.

A bunch of us did photo’s before going to dinner.  Derek and I did one together.  Derek holding my upper arm.  I smiled as if all was well. My dress had short sleeves and didn’t reveal much, it was even a long dress.  Which I think I bought subconsciously as I didn’t want Derek to get upset that other guys could be watching me in the dress.

“Come on you two!  Time to go to the pub!  Let’s dance!” Nicole bounced by Derek’s door where I was with him.  “I’m excited to dance, are you Aime?”  Nicole was smiling huge.

“Oh, I am! Will be fun!”  Smiling back at Nicole, Derek frowned at me.

“I’ll go, but I don’t want to dance.”

“Maybe that will change Derek?”  Nicole smiled.

As a group, we headed over to the pub.  It was hopping!  So, full of fellow residence kids.  Luckily our pub had two levels with a balcony over looking the dance floor.  Derek and a few of the guys found a table upstairs an put our jackets on it.  It was still a chilly evening even for being March.

The girls an I pounced onto the dance floor.  It was so busy, and fun at he same time.  “Aime get Derek down here to dance with us!”  Julie said to me.  Her boyfriend Toby was with us, so I thought Derek might join us on the dance floor.

Waving at Derek I motioned for him to join us, on the dance floor.  Playfully asking I persisted.

Derek continued to shake his head no.  Then is facial expression changed and he looked angry.  Derek waved at me with a stubby arm and pointy finger demanded I get up to him on the second floor.  The song that was playing was a favourite of mine so I motioned to Derek that I wold be there, but he had to wait.  Bad decision on my part.  Derek got angrier an glared at me intently.  I could see him fuming!

Slowly I made my way through the crowd an up the stairs.  “Why did you do that?”  Derek was again spitting ire with his words.

“Because we all want you to join us on the dance floor.  Julie and Toby asked me to get you to join us.”  Doing my best to remain calm, I smiled at Derek.

“You know I don’t dance.  I also don’t like the others watching you dance.  I don’t like dancing.  Period.  You shouldn’t have done that.”  Derek glare angrily at me.

“But I like dancing, and wanted you to join me.  Something fun to do.”  My eyes were sad and fearful, as I responded.

“No, it’s not fun.  I don’t dance. And the other guys shouldn’t be watching you dance.  Just me.  Come on, we’re leaving.”  Derek thrusted my coat at me and I followed him like a lost puppy back to the dorm.

“You know I can’t dance.  I don’t like watching the other guys watching you dance.  You’re my girl friend.”  Back in the dorm Derek backed m into the wall near his room.  He slammed his hands by my face on the wall.  “I love you.  I don’t want to be with anyone else but you.”  Derek put his hands on my face.  He kissed me and his hands moved to my neck and he squeezed as he kissed me.  Stunned I froze, I couldn’t move.  One of the girls came out into the hall staring at me an mouthed the words ‘Are you okay?’  I nodded still in shock and went back into Derek’s room.


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