Nice Wall?


Spring exams were upon us.  Derek was spending a lot of time with me.  He was in my room as the sun shone brightly through the window.  Sitting at my desk with my computer playing a game as I sat on my bed studying.

Bill and Charlie stopped by the door.  “Hey guys, want to come to the pub and study for a change of scenery?”

Smiling at Bill I replied “No thanks.”

“No, I don’t like going there.”  Derek said.

“Are you sure?  We’re going to take some quarters to use the juke box an have some coffee.”  Charlie tempted us again.  Coming more into the room. 

“Oh, I’m good thanks for asking though.”  Grinning at Bill and Charlie.

“Where’s the juke box?”  Derek asked.

I responded first “Where the First Responders sit when they are on duty.”

“Where’s that?”  Derek asked back.

“In the pub.”  I answered.

“I know where the pub is, where are the Responders?”  Derek was starting to get frustrated.

Charlie started to help answering the questions Derek was asking.

“Near the neon sign, where the Responders sit.  In the pub.”

“I know where the God damn pub is, but where is the juke box?”  Derek snapped his eyes glowing with anger.

Charlie and I kept in the cycle of answering with the same answers on where the juke box is.

Derek was becoming more and more angry till he finally yelled “I know where the fucking God damn pub is!!”  Derek took his keys off from around his neck and threw them at Charlie. 

Luckily Charlie moved out of the way and they hit Carry’s bed.

Charlie shocked and angered himself said to Derek with worried anger in his voice “Don’t ever throw things at me.”  He looked at me an then back to Derek, “Don’t throw things at all.”  He marched off with Bill who was also looking at me with shock.

Derek was still sitting in my chair, he started to cry.  Moving over to him I put my arms around Derek.

“I’m sorry sweetie, I’m sorry I lost my temper.”  Derek said to me in a low quiet voice almost a whisper through tears.  He took a big breath.  I held him for a bit.  Derek then stood up and cornered me in between the shelves, fridge, my desk an him.  Feeling boxed in I squeezed by and sat on my bed.  Derek came over and sat down beside me, he was still upset.  I was doing my best to comfort him, stroking his back.  I got tired though and stopped doing that.

Standing up Derek went over to my fridge and stared at the wall and the CD’s on top of the fridge.

“Nice wall?”  Doing my best to get Derek to smile.

“I wish my girlfriend could help me better when I’m upset.”  In a low voice, Derek said. 

Moving over to Derek I put my arms around him.  Derek stared at the CD’s on top of the fridge for a long time.  Derek took the CD on the top of the pile and put it at the bottom of the pile.

“Why did you do that?”  I asked Derek.  He had moved my high school C that I made with the Sr. Concert Band to the bottom of the pile.

“I hate that CD.”  With bitter and anger in his voice.  I started crying.  Derek continued with anger.  “It was a happy time in your life that I was never a part of to be with you.”

Not knowing what to say all I could muster was “You need to leave now.”  I was angry.

Carly, an R.A. walked by my room.  “Hey Carly can we talk?”  I called out to her.

“Hi Aime, I’m on duty right now so come back to the porter’s desk in the other residence and we can talk there.”

I went back with Carly to the desk and we talked there.  A few times Derek walked by and I stopped talking, tried to look small, and wanted to hide.


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