Going Home


On Derek’s last day he was sad.  Through his tears, Derek said “What am I going to do at home without you?”

Smiling at him and lightly kissing Derek I said “Well you’ll see me in a few weeks, you’re coming to visit me in May.”

Derek cried again “But I want and need you with me.”  Derek put his hands up to my neck and kissed me hard squeezing my neck, at the same time.  “I want to be with you all the time.  I love you.”

“I love you too.”  I weakly said back to him.

A couple hours after Derek left I was sitting in my room the spring sun shining through the window.  It had warmed up some which many of us were happy about.

Sam appeared at my door.  “Hey Aime, how are you doing?”  Sam was always happy and cheery. 

“Hi Sam, I am okay.  Feeling a little weird, but okay.”  I was feeling weird, lost even.  I didn’t know what to do.  I was so conditioned or trained by Derek that I had to check in with him on what I was doing.

“The girls and I are going over to the caff for dinner soon.  Want to come?”  Sam smiled at me.

“Sure, that’ll be good.  Thank you, Sam!”  It felt weird going for dinner and not telling anyone I was going.

The next day I had my last exam, my English exam.  The sun was shining again as I walked back to my dorm.  I knew my parents were on their way to me, however I did not know how far away they were, or close they were to campus.

“Hi Aime!  Are you packed yet?”  My Dad smiled at me when I turned around.

“Hi, and no!  I just got back from my English exam, and I must go hand in my essay portion of my exam for Social Work.  I have 15min to get over to the main campus.”  Smiling at my Dad, and going over and giving both my Mum and Dad a hug.

“Oh!  You better hurry then!”  My Dad exclaimed.

“I’ll be back in a few minutes.  Or do you want to walk with me over to the security office?”  Asking my parents.

“We’ll walk with you over to the main campus.  Will be good to stretch our legs after the car ride.”  Mum said.

My parents and I walked over to the main campus in 5 minutes.  Luckily, I lived on campus, that was a small campus too.

“Please time and date stamp this for me.  And it needs to go to Prof. Wolf in the Social Work department please.”

“Sure thing! There has been a few of you handing in papers today to her.”  The security guard smiled at me as he stamped and put the essay into the internal mail box.”

“Thank you very much.  Have a good summer!” I said to him with a smile.

Walking back to the dorm Dad said “So what’s the plan?”

“The plan is you and I will go to the hotel, check in and rest.  Aime will pack and we’ll come get her in the morning, early.”  My Mum smiled at my Dad.

Sure, enough the next morning Mum and Dad showed up bright and early.  I had all my things packed and I was tidying up a couple of last minute things.  I was sad to leave everyone.  I had made gifts for Paula, Shelley, and a couple others.  Since it was crazy early the sun had just come up, no one was awake or around I slid them all under Paula’s door to give to them.  Even though I was sad to leave, I was also at the same time strangely happy as well to be leaving.

Only time would tell why I was happy leaving…


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