Staring Over…Again

Pencil Crayons with text Back to School

New school year was here already.  I had had so much fun during the summer, being at my Gramma and Grampa’s, and Nanny and Grampy’s.  Going on adventures with them was fun.  Going to the trailers and swimming in the pools.  Nanny and Grampy’s trailer was also very close to Huron Lake that we would go and swim in every day.  And Aren and I would ride our bikes all over the trailer park.  At Gramma and Grampa’s house, was a pool.  Grampa made the pool, out of concrete.  Every summer I would drag my knuckles along the bottom of the pool.  Grampa had also built a wall and a built-in fire place outside by the deep end of the pool.  We had fires out there every night.  Aren and I roasting marshmallows and eating them was a treat every night.   

I also always had an awesome time being at Camp Adelaide.  Camp Adelaide was our Central Area Girl Guide camp.  I went every year as a girl for one week.   I love being at camp, making new friends, swimming twice a day, going on hikes, cooking on the fire, and so much more.  When it was my patrol’s turn to lead camp fire, we had a lot of fun, choosing the songs to lead.  The trees were so big and green, and the water in the lake was clean.  The lake was called “Black Lake” so as we swam further out it was a bit hard to see the bottom of the lake in the buoy’s off deep end. 

The first day of school was a worrisome day for me. 

“Aime, now remember you’re going into Mr. M’s class.  Not with your friends into Mrs. D’s class.”  Hugging me, Mum did her best to sound confident.


“Hey Karen!  How was the cottage?”  Karen had joined me at the cross walk to go over to school.  She had a cottage north of Toronto. 

“Hey Aime!  The cottage was awesome.  Who’s your teacher?”

“Mr. M, is my teacher.”  I said with a sad face.

“Oh, you’re not in our grade?”  Karen sounded surprised.

“No, I am staying back a year for help with stuff.”  Bowing my head, I looked at my feet.

“Well, see you at recess?”  Karen smiled at me.

“Hope so!”  I responded.

Heading into the school not where the juniors go, I was still in the primary wing.  Not feeling confident at all, I was worried and not looking forward to making new friends again. 

“Good morning everyone.  Please find your seats.”  Mr. M said hello to everyone as went into the class.

“Hey, isn’t that Aime, shouldn’t she be in Mrs. D’s class?”  One of the girls pointed me out right away to her friends. 

Oh no…. I’ve been spotted by the other girls. 

“Why are you here and not in the grade 4 class?”  One of the girls came up to me.  “You must be dumb.”  Mr. M came over and told her to go find her seat. 

“Hello Mr. M, can I see Aime please?”  A different teacher came into the room and pulled me out of the class.

“Hi Aime, I’m one of the teachers who’s going to help you this year with your math, and spelling.  We’ll be leaving class to do extra work.  It’s okay, your teacher Mr. M knows already.”  I was so confused as to what was going on.  Who is she?  How does she know my name?  I’ve not met her before.

Each day this other teacher would pull me out of class and I would go for help for my reading and spelling homework.  We did different things than what the other kids in my classroom were doing.  Walking down the cream coloured hallway in the school to this ‘special’ room, it had windows that were huge, only 10 desks could fit in this room.  There were shelves of reader books, and pencils, paper, all the things like a regular classroom would have.  The blackboard had the words we were going to be practicing that morning.  Sometimes I couldn’t read them, or understand them. 

There were only a few students in this little classroom.  A boy with dusty golden hair, another girl with brown hair like me, and another boy with short black hair.  It felt too small to me, not much room to move around freely.  And the teacher’s only bathroom where students were not allowed to go into was in the little hallway that lead to this ‘special’ classroom.

I felt like I was starting over, I didn’t really want to make new friends.  I had some friends in Grade 4 that I missed seeing.  They were learning new things.  I was stuck redoing the same things as the year previous.  And being teased by the kids in my grade because they thought I was stupid.


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