I Got Hired!


It was a cold day in February.  I was pacing in the house in my room.  Looking outside I saw the winter snow was frozen to the ground.  Our pool looked like a big white pit.  The wind was whipping into the corner of the house as I stared out the window for a few seconds.  Wrapping my arms around myself I sighed.  Thinking out loud to myself I said “When will I hear back from Adelaide?  I sent in all my certifications, my resume, my references were from the ‘big wigs’ of camp and Area, and I did good on the interview, I knew the interviewers too.  They were from my Division even!”

A knock on my open door in my bedroom startled me out of my self talk out loud.  “Hi Aime, you got mail from Oshawa.”  Mum smile at me handing me an envelope. 

I sat down on my bed looking at the envelope.  I had wanted to hear from camp, and now I am about too.  Opening the letter, I read to myself and partly out loud too.  “We would like to offer you a job as a Waterfront Staff for the upcoming 1993 summer camp season.” 

“Oh my god!!!  I got it!  I got hired!  I get to work at Adelaide!  Yeah!!  Mum!!  Look!!”  I jumped up from the bed and showed her the letter.

“Great job Aime, it will be fun I am sure!”  Mum smiled at me.

A couple weeks later I was at my Ranger meeting, which was also my enrollment into Rangers.  We were in Karen’s basement for the ceremony.  She was being enrolled into Rangers too.  Our Division commissioner was there.  She knew me from camp and other events.

“Guess what!  I got hired by Adelaide!  I’m going to be a waterfront staff!”  I was very excited.

“Hi Aime, yes I knew you had the job way back in January!”  She winked and smiled at me.

“What will your Waterfront name be?  What have you thought of?” 

“Well because I love camp, and camp fires, I get excited jumping even when camp starts, I’m going to call myself Thumper!”  Smiling back at the Division Commissioner.

“Well yes that fits.  I remember you in your blue rain boots walking to and from the waterfront when you were in Guides.”

“Wearing them was easy to put on and off my boots when at the waterfront, and it was faster too.”  Smiling back at her.

The rest of the school year flew by, ups and downs with the swim team, the band trip to Boston, managing classes, and being with my boyfriend.

Finally, it was time to leave for camp.  I was staying in the Boat House right on the water.  I had so much packed, even my bike fit in the car.  Showing my boyfriend Camp Adelaide was fun.  He said he was going to write every day. 

Meeting the other guards was fun.  I had met them at the Guide House in Oshawa a month or so ago but this was different.  We were getting settled in the boat house.  White wash boards for the outside and black shingles, with brown trim on the windows and the garage door where all the canoe paddles and life jackets were kept.  The main room had a mini kitchen area with a sink and little fridge.  A couple of couches and chairs, as well as coffee table.  We also had a small kitchen table and a couple of chairs there.  The two bedrooms had 2 twin beds and 2 dresses, and 2 night stands.  I was rooming with another girl who was also a new Waterfront staff.  My window looked out to the road and to the camp ground called Sunrise.  The building was surrounded by birch tree’s and pine tree’s.  The water was black and the sun was beating down on the brown sand on the beach.

“Aime see you in a week!”  Mum and Dad waved.  Getting to go home on each Friday was going to be good.  I could take laundry home if needed.

“I can’t believe I’m working here.”  Thinking to myself.  I was so proud of myself.  This was going to be a great summer!

‘Willow’ came up to me.  “Hey girl, glad you’re here?”

“Hey ‘Willow’ I am very happy yes!”  I jumped with excitement.  We started to walk over to our bikes, we had training and set up to do for the week coming.  We headed up on our bikes to the Tamarack site to set up the dining shelters.  Setting up all the big canvas tents that the girls and leaders would sleep in each week, and their dining shelters.  So much more would take place over the summers.  This was just the beginning!


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