Who is Aime?

Aime’s Why?


When Aime was born in 1976, she was only given a 24hr chance of survival.  Having been born 3 months early with a birth weight of 1 pound 12 ounces (587 grams) it was a very scary time for her entire family.

Yet Aime overcame this, and grew into a beautiful young girl.  During her elementary school years she experienced severe bullying for 6 years from her peers.  Due to the daily, and constant bullying Aime began to believe that she was stupid, ugly, and a loser.

As well as being diagnosed as a ‘slow learner’ by the education system.  The teachers and administration said that Aime would never write well, will have problems in all core subjects while in school.  Even through the days of tears and struggle with homework, the bullying, Aime kept going.  Aime never gave up though, even winning her grade 8 graduation Most Improved Student Award.

As if her belief in herself was low enough, Aime also experienced dating violence while living away form home on campus in University.  Being in a controlling and emotionally abusive relationship played havoc on her self confidence.  As well as stalking from the ex-boyfriend after breaking up with him.

Aime wants no girl to experience what she did in elementary school for 6 years.  She wants girls to love themselves, be okay with being different, and to be in a safe loving relationship.  For them to keep going in their lives no matter what, to believe in themselves, and to let others help them!

Click below to see more about who Aime is, and what she does today!


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